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Boston Gutter Guys Wooden Gutter Restora

Medford, Ma

        Dry rot is a fungus which feeds on wood, leaving the affected areas soft and pitted with a dark sheen, visible in the above photo.  Our four stage process of remediation, resurfacing, restoration & resealing restores - split, leaking, dry rotted & damaged hardwood systems to their original functioning condition without the cost of replacement.


Captured above is completion of step two, of 4 contrasting the "Before & After" marked by the distinctive black line  & pitting of gutter outer lip. At this stage an epoxy wood hardener is brushed into the system in multiple coats and allowed to cure. This low viscosity liquid is easily absorbed by the bare wood & leaves behind an epoxy resin within the fibers and open cavities in the cell structure of the wood. Adding density, hardening the wood restoring its natural defense to fungi, mold, mildew and pests. With step 3 completed, next is filling all cracks and seems with a wood epoxy which dries harder and stronger than the wood its being applied to. The fourth and final step is sealing the entire gutter system with options of stain, epoxy sealants,  rubberized pvc painted over wood or linseed oil depending upon the specific gutter, & desired look.


Cambridge, Ma

An unpainted & unsealed pine fascia board which has dried out over time. 

A flat rear wall  k- style gutter, & economy gutter hangers using nails instead of screws.


Penetrations in  wood grow in size as the wood shrinks with moisture loss over time. Eventually leaving nails holes, larger than the nails within them, gutter systems can pull away and even fall off if left unchecked. 

Working within specified budgets we can offer solutions to repair or restore your system


. Adding new premium gutter hangers with screws, tying this gutter to the dry but not degraded, fascia board, & sealing its edge with elastomeric sealant added years of life to this third story system while saving the owners thousands on replacement before placing the building on the market.

BostonGutterGuysReplace (3).jpg

Step By Step: Fascia & Soffit Restoration Service

Installing A Sub-Fascia Support System

An Seaside home in Winthrop- 5 years after a "Free Gutters with New Roofing"- promotion.


Gutter Systems fail for a variety of reasons, the most common being the installation of new gutters on old or compromised fascia board.

Step 1

Drip Edge is removed, followed by Fascia Board.

Nesting & roofing debris will be removed from the soffit & disposed of.

Aged Rafter tails, soft or punky wood, split ends, aren't best suited to be nailed into directly to support a new fascia board - long term, through New England winters.

BostonGutterGuysReplace (5).jpg
BostonGutterGuysReplace (6).jpg

Stronger Than Ever!

A sub fascia is installed to provide a solid surface to secure replacement soffit & fascia boards to.

New Gutter Hangers are secured through your gutter, through the fascia board and into the sub fascia using screws, not nails.
Resulting in a gutter system that will never pull away from the building, or fall due to ice loading.


Tied in at 4 points- to each rafter rail soffit & fascia boards for a square, solid, long life

Board Selection

Solid Gold Claymark - is a boron treated wood. Impervious to rot with a 30 year warranty

Azek- Composite material

Primed & Painted Pine- Most economical choice. Pine will last as long as Solid Gold or Azek if prepped and painted properly before installation. 

Add a Fascia Apron between drip edge & gutter to sheild fascia board from water entirely

BostonGutterGuysReplace (7).jpg
BostonGutterGuysReplace (10).jpg

Seamless Gutters in 5 & 6" available in 19 Colors

Gutters, Downspouts, trim all available in matching colors.

Featured is a 6" K-Style Gutter in Hi Gloss White


Secured every 16 inches on center through fascia board and into sub fascia. Gutter hanger penetrations are sealed using elastomeric sealant expands and contracts with the gutter system.

New drip edge is installed and dressed into new seamless gutter.

BostonGutterGuysReplace (1).jpg
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